Gallery: Saiyajin - The Court

King Vegeta and his Court


The throneroom of the Kings of Vegetasei--and also the throneroom of King Vegeta in Hell. Pretty much the same people in both places, too.

[King Vegeta on his throne]

King Vegeta and Zorn, King's Man and Captain of the Royal Guard

Raditz, you were right; I think my memory is going, now. I'm not sure why I tried to tell you that was Sullion before.

[King Vegeta, Sullion, Zorn]

There's Sullion on the left, and Captain Zorn on the right.

Sullion was the King's Shield Man. (For those of you from Earth, that's the guy who gets to throw himself in front of any attacks on the king).


Captain Zorn had a rare combination of qualities: discretion and passion, power and fidelity. He was utterly loyal to the King, and frequently advised him--and gave voice to the feelings a King dare not have.

[King Vegeta in battle]

King Vegeta and his commanders, in battle. That's Nappa (with hair!) just to the right of the king, and the Prince is off to the left, partly hidden by the king's cloak.

[Young Prince Vegeta in battle]

Young Prince Vegeta in action. Once again, that's Nappa behind and just to the left of the Prince. I'm not sure, but isn't that Diive all the way in the back?

Tall guy with rust-red, crested hair? Yep, that's him.

[Frieza on the Throne]

Frieza: the interloper who usurped King Vegeta's throne, and who ultimately killed him.

[The Guard]

Here's your picture, Luki. King Vegeta's best warriors, the elite of the Royal Guard, and you right in the middle.

*Sigh* This was taken right before we went with the King to take out Frieza...

[King misses]

..and we all know how THAT went.

[King dies]

[Dead King Vegeta]

I recognize King Vegeta, but when did he ever get beaten up like that? I thought Frieza killed him with one blow to the heart...

*Sigh* Try a bit later, when he and your father fought the Demon King. You weren't there for that--but take my word for it, it was a tough fight.

Nappa and Family

[Nappa with hair!]

Nappa, back when he had hair.

As you can see, he had few regrets about its loss...

I wasn't going to say that.


And this is..?

Rashi, Nappa's mate and Diive's mother. Before your time, youngster. She wasn't actually part of King Vegeta's court, but she goes with Nappa. Those two were inseparable.. *sigh*

I remember, now. Hyper-Angel had a story about her..

[Nappa leaning against a wall]

He holds up walls well, doesn't he?

Show some respect, youngster!

[Diive Transforming]

Going ouzaru gets us wild and crazy. By the way, is that who I think it is?

Yes, that's Diive, Nappa's oldest son.


Let's see... this is Nappa's son Chishan, right?

Raditz, how about you let me introduce the people you can barely remember? My memory seems to be better than yours. This isn't Chishan, it's Apio, Nappa's fourth son.


Sitting down with the scar across his face--that's Chishan!

Ah, okay. He's Nappa's second son in my timeline, and Nappa's eldest in another timeline where things went a lot differently.

Did you know that while you and Kakarott and Bardock were dealing with Deputy, those two had their own adventure?

Commander Kale

[Commander Kale]

Commander Kale, King Vegeta's least favorite commander--something about always being the bearer of bad news.

[Kale worries]

Plus, he's a jerk. I always thought it ironic that King Vegeta finally killed him for something that really wasn't his fault.

[King Vegetas Wrath]

"Be gone, and let nothing remain."

[Kale is gone]

The King never was very patient with those who failed him.