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Tukera Longliner TL 15

My version of the beautiful Tukera Longliner. I assumed that Tukera, taking advantage of having facilities at every starport en route, and always flying a fixed route (i.e., jump distance is known months in advance), designed their liners to use demountable fuel tanks in one of the holds to carry all the fuel necessary for Jump 4. Since not all jumps on the route are jump 4, for lesser jumps the extra fuel tanks are demounted and replaced with cargo. I assume that with a ship and tanks designed for the purpose, and a trained maintenance crew at each port, demounting the fuel tanks does NOT take 2 weeks; more like 2 days.

CraftID: Tukera Longliner, Type RT, TL 15, MCr 164.986

Hull:    882/2205, Disp=980, Config=7USL, Armor=40G,
    Unloaded=3940 tons, Loaded=6582 to 8465 tons

Power:    3/6, Fusion=792 MW, Duration=21/63
    1/2, Solar=9.32 MW, Duration=indef.

Loco:    44/88, Maneuver=1G LoPowHG, 45/90 Jump=4,
    NOE=40 kph, Cruise=900 kph, Top=1200 kph (vacuum only)

Commo:    Radio=System x3, LaserComm=system x3, MaserComm=system x3

Sensors: ActiveEMS=Far Orbit x2, PassiveEMS=Interstellar x1,
    ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout,

Off:    3 hardpoints.
    Missle = x03,

Def:    DefDM= +4,
    Sandcaster= x04,

Control: Computer=3x3, Panel=Hololink x14, Special=HeadUp
    HoloDisp x4, Environ=BasEnv, BasLS, ExtLS, GravPlates,
    (note: no Grav in demountable tank hold)

Accom: Crew=10x2 (Cb=2,Ce=2, Cg=1, Cf=3, Cc=1, Cs=11, Cd=1),
    Staterooms=100, HiPsg=88, Emergency Low=12,
    SubCraft=Launch (carried externally)

Other: Cargo=2287 kl, Fuel=1550 kl, Demountable Tank hold=2025 kl
    ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Faint.

Notes:    1) Disp=1000 with Launch

    2) Emergency power from Solar powers 1x computer, all
    controls &. commo, crew staterooms, low berths, &. 25

    3) Modular demountable fuel tanks @ 675 kl each are
    installed in tank hold as needed; otherwise hold is more
    cargo space, as follows:

    Jump 1 : Cargo=4312 kl    Fuel=1550 kl
    Jump 2 : Cargo=3637 kl    Fuel=2225 kl
    Jump 3 : Cargo=2962 kl    Fuel=2900 kl
    Jump 4 : Cargo=2287 kl    Fuel=3575 kl
-- Cynthia C. Higginbotham

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