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What is it? WeatherMaker is a command-line utility written by me to generate weather reports for role-playing games set in Earth-like worlds. It is not meant to be either an accurate or a precise simulation of climate, but it should give plausible results for the season, terrain and climate requested. View the README file for more details.
What do you get? You get a complete, GPL-licensed source code tarball that compiles on Linux or Windows and maybe other systems; again, read the README file for more details * regarding installation, system requirements, licensing, etc. No, I do not have binaries at this time, since I don't have a good idea of what users will be wanting--Windows executables, Linux i386 executables, RedHat RPMs, Debian packages... you get the picture? * Yes, it is free; no shareware or adware, no crippled features, etc.
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Download the latest version:
Source code wthrmkr-1.3.4.tar.gz (56K)
Windows Binary wthrmkr134-win32.zip (32K)

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