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5th Edition

By Shaun Hately



This guide is (c) Shaun Hately 1997 except where copyright is already owned by someone else. Portions of this guide are (c) Druann Pagliasotti 1996 and (c) Maya Deva Kniese 1996, and are used with permission. These sections are indicated and no challenge is made to their copyright status. All Rights are reserved on this guide. However permission is granted to distribute this guide in any way or form (on paper, on disk, via the internet etc) provided the following conditions are met.

1) no profit is made from the guide. A charge for materials, such as paper is permitted, but no profit is to be made.

2) the guide is distributed in its entirety. In particular this legal notice is attached, and the list of contributors is left intact. The guide should also be unedited, except for formatting which can be changed if necessary for purposes of presentation etc.

This guide may be copied freely subject to the conditions above. It may be altered freely for use in peoples own games. However such altered copies should not be distributed (except within your own game group) without the permission of the creator, Shaun Hately.

Obviously, I have no way of enforcing these conditions, but I have put a lot of work into this guide and I believe it is only fair that other contributors and myself get the credit (or the abuse!) we deserve.

This guide has been inspired by games systems owned and copyrighted by others, most notably 'Dungeons & Dragons', and 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' owned by TSR Inc, 'Middle-Earth Role-Playing' owned by ICE, 'Maelstrom' written by Alexander Scott and published by Penguin, 'Dragon Warriors' written by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and published by Corgi, and 'Tunnels and Trolls' by Ken St Andre. The author of this guide acknowledges this inspiration but does not believe that this guide infringes on their copyright. No challenge is made to the copyright status or ownership of any work.

The author of this guide affirms his support of copyright laws, and the efforts of game companies and others to protect their rights and intellectual property. This is the opinion of the author of this guide, (Shaun Hately) only, and is not necessarily the opinion of other contributors to this guide, or of those people who are kind enough to host it on their websites.

The author asserts his moral right to be known as the creator and compiler of this guide, and the moral rights of all contributors to this guide to have their contributions recognised.

'Dungeons & Dragons', 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons', 'D&D', and 'AD&D' are trademarks of TSR Inc. 'Middle- Earth Role Playing', and 'MERP' are trademarks of Tolkien Enterprises, a division of Elan Merchandising Inc. The use of these and other trademarks is, in no way, intended as a challenge to their trademark status. The lack of symbols denoting their trademark status is, in no way, intended as a challenge to their trademark status.

The author and contributors to this guide are in no way responsible for misuse of any of the substances contained in this guide.

Certain portions of this guide contain material of a mildly adult nature. In the case of younger players, parental discretion is advised.

Illustrations added by Cynthia Higginbotham.

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