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What is it? WeatherMaker is a command-line utility written by me to generate weather reports for role-playing games set in Earth-like worlds. It is not meant to be either an accurate or a precise simulation of climate, but it should give plausible results for the season, terrain and climate requested. View the README file for more details.
What do you get? You can get complete, GPL-licensed source code on GitHub that compiles on Linux or Windows and maybe other systems; again, read the README file for more details regarding installation, system requirements, licensing, etc. Yes, it is free; no shareware or adware, no crippled features, etc.
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Download the latest version:
Source code on GitHub main repository
Current Linux and Win-64 binariesv1.3.5a Release on GitHub
Old Win-32 binary wthrmkr134-win32.zip (32K)

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