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Trillion Credit Squadron

The Islands Campaign PBEM
The original High Guard-based strategic campaign straight from the Little Black Book Trillion Credit Squadron (Well, almost. Steve removed that oversized TL 11 world Whatsitsname from play as it unbalanced things. Steve Higginbotham refereed, several TML regulars played, including me. Things rarely went as expected: many High Guard design theories were tested in the fire of battle, and some unexpected ones burned up and blew away (See: Badly designed Fighters ). On the other hand, some did unexpectedly well ( See: New Home J1 Light Riders, New Home Heavy Fighters), and some did expectedly well (See: Neubayern battleships) , and some did expectedly badly (See: Gas Giant refueling).
The TNE "700 Years Later" Campaign
This campaign was based on an alternate scenario for the technological collapse leading to the Traveller: New Era universe. It postulated a much more severe crash, and tried to account for some of the changes in basic physics between MegaTraveller ship designs and TNE designs. The TCS campaign is set 700 or so years after the Collapse, when a few lucky worlds have just re-invented jump drive, and are starting out to explore the universe. We didn't get very far with this one, as too many players dropped in and out, but we learned some interesting things about FF&S ship designs when designed solely by FF&S rules, with no special effort to make them match 3I "canon" (i.e., allowing Jump Torpedoes and sub-100 dton jump capable ships, etc.)

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