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Technical Services

Scripts and programs for your Traveller refereeing pleasure.


SSV 1.3
An early DOS port of Mark Cook's original X-Windows subsector viewer. I added a few features, like color and the ability to define trade routes. Sadly, I lost the source code; all you get are the executables.


htmlsect 0.52b
Htmlsect was originally written for OS/2; I eventually ported it to Linux. It is a commandline utility that will take a standard sector file and generate extended systems write-ups for all the systems, and output them to either an IPF-tagged or HTML-formatted file, with links from the sector listing to each extended system write-up. OS/2 users will still have to run the IPF file through an IPF compiler to get an INF file out of it. Other options include the ability to seed the random number generator with a specific seed number (so you can re-generate the same systems using the -a option), and the option of listing complete stats (-a) or partial stats with question marks (the default). I originally developed this as a tool for Steve's second TCS PBEM game. The extended systems are generated as per MegaTraveller or Book 6: Scouts, with a few minor modifications. (You will probably need the cworlddat lib to link with it, so get the cworlddat source if you want to re-compile htmlsect). Version 0.52: fixed to actually compile with a modern GNU compiler. Version 0.52b: updated to read TravellerMap.com data sheets
SSV/2 0.03
A rewrite of xssv for OS/2. This archive includes source and executable. I don't have OS/2 installed anymore, so I have no idea how well it still works. Try it.
HardTimes REXX Scripts
I took Guy Garnett's AREXX (Amiga REXX) scripts for applying HardTimes transformations (MegaTraveller) to worlds, and tweaked them to run properly with OS/2 REXX.
Cynthia's TNE REXX Scripts
Scripts for applying TNE transformations to GDW sector files. These include standard TNE Virus collapse, an alternate collapse sequence based on our 700 year later campaign, and fixes to anomalous world-star combinations in sector files.
Like htmlsect, this program was originally developed as a PBEM referee's aid, in OS/2 C_SET++. It has been updated to compile cleanly under gcc4. It takes a location in a sector file, and extracts all the worlds within a certain radius of that hex, and prints out an ASCII hex map of the region with the designated hex in the center. Used for preparing maps of "known space" for each PBEM player in a TCS campaign of exploration. Version 0.52b: updated to read TravellerMap.com format data sheets.

Linux & X-Windows

The cworlddat lib
This lib and associated header files are needed to build htmlsect. There are a number of routines useful for parsing sector data files and generating MT extended systems in them.
Source code for cworlddat
Source to libcworlddat.a and makefiles for both Linux and OS/2. Version 0.02 fixed to compile with modern GNU compilers.
htmlsect 0.52
See entry in OS/2 section, above.
Mark Cook's original xsv
This is the original Xlib-based subsector viewer that many of us based our improved and expanded Traveller utilities on. This one is absurdly simple, and will compile and run on most any X-Windows-supporting platform, as it is based on plain Xlib, no fancy libraries. You don't need Motif, GTK, Qt, wxWindows, xforms, or any other disk & memory hogs to run this, just plain X.

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