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Mar 17, 2014: [Fic] Reconstruction: Aftermath

Reconstruction: Aftermath

[TF:Prime] #2 in the "Reconstruction" series, set after the end of "Predacons Rising". SPOILERS LIKE WHOA! Megatron faces the first test of his new resolve--and Predaking, too.

AO3 link link
at my site

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Mar 13, 2014: That one's not for children...
Posting stuff on is pretty easy--pick a rating, and a coherent enough description that people know what the story is about, and maybe list the characters for shipping fans.

Re-posting stuff on AO3, I find myself not only doing the mandatory tags and rating thing, but considering the optional tags.

....and "In Past Regrets" has acquired more nasty tags than anything short of "Hannibal" fanfic, I suspect. I knew that story was brutal, and only for mature readers, but... yeah. Genocidal Saiyajin mixing it up with Gloranthan Chaos cultists, writing both as evil as they are meant to be, is some serious ugly.

It's still one of my best stories. But damn, it's scary just to look at the tags on that sucker.

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Mar 3, 2014: In other news, I have an AO3 account now
I finally got myself an account at Archive of Our Own (AO3). I am slowly posting all my fanfics there; it's a big job, so don't expect to see everything there just yet.

I like the ability to tag things by series and add custom tags. Helps me keep things organized. I hope I can figure out how to put a story into two different series--e.g. "Dead and Drunk" belongs in both "Stunticon Tales/Dead End 28s" and "Duskwing Tales".

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Mar 2, 2014: [Fic] Reconstruction:Decision
Just as a change of pace, here's a short Transformers:Prime vignette.

Reconstruction: Decision at my site.
FF.Net version.

[TF:Prime] The war is over, but one leader still functions. What now? (spoilers for "Predacons Rising")

...and I can't believe that I didn't post View From the Top to until now. That fic has actually been up on my site for quite some time now, and I just noticed that it never got uploaded to Oops.

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Feb 19, 2014: Nostalgic reads, and a notion...
For the last few weeks, I've been re-reading my favorite threads (most of them) of a certain long-running, humongous LiveJournal roleplay that I participated in seven years ago, along with several other people on my F-list. (Hopefully you know who you are; it's been a while).

We did some really awesome writing; I miss the interplay and creativity. Some crazy stuff happened, and characters joined in and went in directions no one had foreseen. If anyone wants to join me in feeling nostalgic, I did toss together some partial indexes for the ones I was involved in. (Sadly, the Rodimus Void RP arc was before my time and I never did get a link to the index).

It was mostly G1 Transformers, based on a G1 cartoon Season 3 universe with access to the Nexus [ profile] sages_of_chaos, which meant Rodimus was Prime and characters from any fandom could pop in. (Mostly that meant we had some TF:Energon refugees hanging out in Megatron's old underwater base). There was also a truce between Rodimus Prime and Galvatron, which made for some interesting RP. (And lots of slash.)

Some segments may be NSFW; hopefully there's a warning in the index.

Story arcs with indexes:

Communities in which parts were played:

  • Sages of Chaos [ profile] sages_of_chaos
  • Pyro's Intercosmic Bar and Nightclub [ profile] pyros_bar
  • plus threads through numerous character journals.

Someday I ought to re-organize this stuff with an eye toward particular character arcs that wove through the BigHugePlots. Duskwing's Redemption, Octane's Charter Trip From Hell, Starscream and Ratchet's friendship, Blackstar & Strata's Bittersweet Romance, the Implosion of the Stunticons (sadly, never resolved), Perceptor's Growing Family, etc.

It bothers me that all this wonderful writing will probably disappear some day into the limbo of deleted accounts and ancient data, or Livejournal's servers finally going dark. (*sads*)

I have a project to salvage some of my favorite writing by re-purposing it into fanfiction; Wendigo's Bane is one such story, and you've probably seen familiar scenes and dialogue in some of my other stories, such as "Revelations".

The one thing I can't do is recover other people's characters and writing--not without permission. What I would like to do is get in touch with y'all and see if we can collaborate on turning some of those interesting character arcs into stand-alone stories. Specifically, I'd like to turn Octane's Charter from Hell into a story--I'll be in touch, I hope, but if you are interested, PM me.

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Jan 28, 2014: Winter storm, Tuesday afternoon
Keep in mind we live in the Deep, deep South.

Icicles are forming on all the eaves, the bird feeders, etc.


The cars are covered with ice from freezing rain.

ice on car

Sleet is coming down.

sleet accumulation on car

They've had to close all the bridges connecting to New Orleans because they are icy.

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