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Jan 22, 2017: Oops I forgot..
To post an entry last night. Belatedly...

Sammie and Deanne went out adventuring in Bonemire yesterday, catching up on quests. Quests that turned out to have follow-on quests upon follow-on quests. At least of two of which lead into heroic dungeons, so we're saving those for Guild group night. I'd say "screw it" at this point and move to Kunark, but I want enough Drednever Expedition faction to buy stuff from their faction merchant--they sell Sky-themed furniture that's the same as certain quest rewards from the various aviak quests in Barren Sky, and aviak-Sky stuff fits real well in Maj'Dul-style houses (fantasy Arabic) and Sammie has a Maj'Dul-type house.... Yes, I like to decorate.

We also messed around working on various tradeskill faction quests for the Far Seas Supply Division, and Ivana finished out her Tupta baseline faction, and is starting on the dailies.

Elsa was terrified by the thunderstorm; it's always sad seeing a person or an animal so scared. I don't know what to do about that--she doesn't howl, she just cowers and shivers in terror. We have more thunderstorms incoming today; I used to enjoy a wild thunderstorm, but seeing Elsa terrified spoils that now.

I stared at the stub end of that Starscream story, and am starting to mull over ideas on where to go next. Oh wait, I forgot Galvatron's team! They should get a bit of story, too, and I completely forgot them. Whelp, guess I know what I'm writing about soonish.

Stardew Valley advanced another few days; it's now Spring 3 of Year 4. I finally have all my crops growing under sprinklers, which frees up a little time. Still have to care for the livestock, though, and I need more sprinklers, preserve jars, kegs, and places to put them. I think I should have a separate barn for the pigs, as they don't require milking and such like and just get in the way when I am taking care of the cows and goats. I'm working on villager friendships--I've decided to flirt with all the eligible single people in the Valley, and get all of my boy- and girlfriends up to 10 friendship before marrying. I still suck at fishing, and I haven't found the bottom of the mines yet.

Did the monthly reboot of Cybertron (the minecraft server), and that appears to be doing okay. I'm watching Direwolf20's 1.7.10 Let's Play, and it's a lot more applicable to Cybertron than the Forgecraft 1.10.2 stuff is. I'm even getting a few ideas, like automating sorting and initial ore processing better. I'd already decided to move the TiCon smelter some place else, as it is just a roadblock in my main path through my base. Hand-sorting ores and deciding which goes in which processing machine got old a while back, so making some auto-processing is a must.

Looking stormy today, but that's for today's post, not yesterdays, which this is. Later, later.

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Jan 20, 2017: Friday
So President Trump was inaugurated. Que sera, sera. Did a grocery run and grabbed some take-out for dinner.

Ivana (my carpenter) got a bunch of factioning with Clan Grobb done--Zubzub sent me out to collect the ingredients for a plate of spiced rats, and cook it. I'd comment about troll tastes in grub, but Ivana is a Sarnak (large dragon-lizard person), so she thinks it's delish. The Tuptans have a more important problem for their faction quests: termites are eating the giant tree their village is built on. We're seeking some pest control. More to come on that tomorrow.

After last night's re-read, I'm convinced "Spearmaker" is off to a good start. Now I just need to figure out where to go next with the story, which I think is the reason I just stopped before--no idea what to write next. Grrr-Arrgh.

I think I'll play some Stardew Valley before bed.

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Jan 19, 2017: It's Thursday...
...so I still have to get up for work tomorrow. Yay. Let's see, made a quest item for one of Steve's crafters on the live server, and had my Stormhold carpenter work on Firmroot Moot faction, because the three factions in the Moors of Ykesha all have unique furniture recipes and I have to start somewhere. Have I mentioned that I like to decorate in EQ2? I don't think I'm very good at it--my stuff is trash compared to, say, Lily Hopsalong's designs, but my guildies like it enough that I've decorated the last two iterations of the guild house, by their request. I ought to take screenshots of some of the houses I am proudest off and post them sometime.

Caught up a few Wake posts, and Dead End is harassing Kup in [community profile] dear_player. TheOldOne posted some bugs about armor values to my Issues pages on GitHub, so I should look into them sometime this weekend. Also, I keep forgetting to post breakout coordinates for the Skyflyer Skiff to the Housing forum thread for breakout coordinates. My bad.

I'm re-reading the Starscream story I was last working on, and thinking about playing a turn or two of Stardew Valley, which I haven't in a day or two. Oh, and we watched another episode of "The Flash" on Netflix. Barry ain't too happy about losing his powers.

Tomorrow begins this month's Moonlit Enchantment event on EQ2, where fairy grottos appear for just two days--fairy grottos where you can buy lots of lovely plants and other natural decor for your houses. As you can imagine, I frequent those grottos. Also, some guy is being inaugurated tomorrow.

ETA: didn't get around to SDV, spent time following some links to some videos by some game dev refuting FemFreq. He had a lot of good points, but I think he missed the hot potato in GamerGate. It wasn't just about "ethics in video game journalism". OTOH, I am up to here with 3rd Wave, sex-negative "feminists" infantilizing woman and portraying us all as damsel-in-distress victims who can't handle a small boy misbehaving, let alone talk to adult men like they are equals. Go away, I didn't ask for you to MIS-represent me. I'm a 2nd wave, old-school equity feminist, not a walking victim of the patriarchy.

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Jan 18, 2017: A resolution: state of the Dragoness
It's about time I got back to posting on this thing. John Scalzi started his "Whatever" blog to keep in practice writing a daily column, and it would benefit me to practice writing a daily dairy or opinion piece. So here I am.

I won't talk about work. That leaves hobbies and Real Life and opinions. Hobbies are all over the place, but mostly involve gaming and RPing, these days. Also modding, which is writing software for games. At one time, I used to write little software utilities for tabletop RPs, but that was a long time ago--like, when DOS and Turbo Pascal were things. I had a nice little elaborately detailed treasure generator for AD&D, based on the tables from Powers & Perils. I also wrote a weather generator based on the tables in the back of the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide, and I still have my huge Traveller sector generator program based on the Megatraveller system generation tables. Anyone see a pattern here? I'm actually porting that Traveller program to Java, as Java practice, and combining it with a very ancient X-Windows C program to draw pretty maps of sub-sectors. It should scale up to sectors if done properly. Much of the aforementioned crap was done decades ago, but the source code is upon my website somewhere. Along with archives of ancient Megatraveller ship designs.

These days, my hobby programming is primarily Minecraft modding, and putting together the occasional Minecraft modpack. Most of what I'm modding are other people's mods that I took over when they abandoned the Minecraft modding scene. I never did get back to my own mods, as Simple Ores and akkamaddi's stuff takes up all my leisure modding. Of course, I've rewritten them so much they might as well be my mods.

State of the RP: I sometimes play Dead End at The Wake. Fellow Transformers fans may remember that I used to write Stunticon fanfiction; I still like the crazy boys. I've also tried my hand at playing Hellbender again at Cyberformed, but I'm just not feeling him. He played best off Becky's Hook and Ladyboss's Shockwave, and it's not the same without them. Fortunately, Cyberformed has almost no AC, so I can just coast until I get sorted out.

Writing: I haven't been. Perhaps I should set my computer up to boot to Linux first, instead of Windows, as Linux-side is where I keep my manuscripts. Windows is where the games dwell. When I get back to writing, Starscream is still waiting for me to continue "Spearmaker". Certain original characters are waiting in the wings, as well--Shani the Nubian would like me to recount her adventures across the ancient Hellenic world. She'd also like me to figure out a true Nubian name for her, instead of random Swahili, and change the name of that idiot Greek merchant she travels with. Characters can be so picky! I've also got villains who want me to put them in stories, but they do need me to find heroes to stand against them. (Seth Kane insists he makes a fine villain protagonist and his enemy is worse; I'm like, nooo... let's find a real hero somewhere, then you can reluctantly help the hero by way of double-crossing your enemy. Also, let's pick a less-obvious nom de guerre. Seriously.)

Gaming: ooh, boy. I watch Direwolf20 videos, which get me fired up to play Minecraft, then go play Stardew Valley, which has eaten my evenings. Awesome game. It's also a relaxing contrast to the usual action/adventure MMORPGs I play. The little bit of combat is pretty simple, especially if you luck out like I did and get the Galaxy Sword right after repairing the bus. (Best weapon in the game, and I got a prismatic shard out of a geode from the quarry, right after it opened).

There's a new expansion out for the Everquest2 Time-locked Expansions server, Stormhold, where Steve & I play: The Shadow Odyssey. Early word is they actually got itemization, progression and balance right this time, so maybe more people will be happy. I just know that it opens up a bunch more furniture recipes that my carpenter needs to grind faction for--I like decorating, okay? I still need to get 2 of my big 4 crafters to cap and do their tradeskill epics. Not to mention work on leveling Sammie, my highest-level adventurer. And I have so many houses to decorate! Oh, and then there's the live server I still have characters on, and there's a new expansion, with more tradeskill stuff....

Becky & Tai are playing WoW, which has me somewhat interested. I at least installed the free Starter version and am playing around now and then with Bedywyr, a human warrior. It's deja vu all over again, because the last time I played 'free trial', I had a human character... and humans always start in Northshire/Goldshire. Same hand-holding quests. I would have been bored to tears (and briefly was), except that I finally figured out how to open my crafting menus and play around with crafting. Yay! I don't know that WoW-boy will get much play, because of so much to do in all my other games, but you never know.

I just finished re-reading Diasporah by W. R. Yates. As far as Google can tell me, it was the only book he ever wrote. My guess is it was his first novel, it tanked, and he either stopped writing, or wrote his 2nd novel under a different pseudonym. Sadly, it was not good. It was not as bad as a few published things I've seen, but it wasn't good. The author was way too fond of showing off all his world-building and research, and pacing suffered badly from it. Also, possibly because I had read it before, the "big reveal" at the end was quite obvious from all the clues dropped. Foreshadowing is normally good, so things don't come out of left field and make no sense, but when they make the climax of the story entirely predictable, that's not good. Finally, the author's pro-Israeli politics were downright anvillicious and character-distorting--all the Jewish characters are interesting, three-dimensional characters, Israel's massive paranoia and arm's race is entirely justified, and all their enemies are stereotypical anti-Semites or stock totalitarian thugs. Except for, of course, for the stereotypical Japanese who were allies. Boring. The author would have been better off taking some of the word-count devoted to the engineering of the Svengild and spending it on showing us in more detail why the U.N. was a ruthless dictatorship and why the French space cities were viciously anti-Semitic and actively trying to destroy the Israeli orbital city while the U.N. looked the other way. (The reasons were told in a few sparse lines somewhere mid-book--and since the virtual undeclared war by the French space cities drove the whole damn plot, a little more detail about the whys and wherefores might have been helpful.) All in all, it was a useful review of 'mistakes not to make in writing one's first novel'.

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Jan 1, 2017: I wil no longer crosspost to LiveJournal
As LiveJournal appears to be the rotting corpse of a blogging platform that has been exhumed and moved to Russian, animated by Russian necromancy, and is being picked over by KGB ghouls for fresh meat[*], it is not in my best interests to contribute to the platform any longer.

The only reason I'm not nuking my old LJ accounts is that the Russians already have the server contents; it would be pointless. However, I am de-linking all Dreamwidth RP accounts from the LJ accounts; there will be no crossposting or cross-commenting after this post, tonight.

[*] Translation: all indications are that the servers have been rehosted in Russian, and all information on them is now under the purview of the Russian security apparatus. Govern yourselves accordingly.

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May 18, 2016: Forge for 1.9.4 is out!
So Forge has updated from 1.9 to 1.9.4, which helps me decide--yeah, no more mod updates for 1.7.10, and no more porting to 1.8.9. Going to port directly to 1.9.4 from here on out.

It's too damn much work to keep three separate, incompatible ways of writing Minecraft mods straight in my head. Git is great for keeping the 3 branches of code separate, but I don't have a Git for my brain, so, one port to rule them all, one port to bring them all and in the compiler bind them. Long live 1.9.4!

Also, Mojang has already announced the first 1.10 snapshot, so as far as I'm concerned, 1.7.10 development is dead and overdue for burial.

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