The Raditz Gallery

[Raditz smiling face]

Being the place where Dragoness-- What d'ya mean, Dragoness? This is my page, get that overgrown feathered snake out of here!

Pictures of yours truly, with commentary. Some contributed by my fans, others borrowed (with permission) by that winged snake person...

And if you've got pictures of me, or some of those other people from Dragoness' stories, that you'd like to see here, send 'em in! (Or tell me where to pick them up, if they don't fit in your mailbox, so to speak). Be warned, I'm picky, and I don't look good in pink tights--I haven't actually blown up an entire planet up the way Vegeta did, but THAT would tempt me!

By the way, there are several new pictures in The Bishonen Wing... Heh. I always knew I was good looking. And in various other places. (4/9/2003)

Special Exhibit: Doujinshii Images

Special Exhibit: The Moods of Raditz

Special Exhibit: The Saiyajin

Special Exhibit: The Bishonen Wing