Gallery: The Moods of Raditz

[Raditz smiling face]

It's not true that the only two expressions on a Saiyan's face are: (1) cruel smirk, and (2) angry scowl. Even Vegeta is more expressive than that!

Look to your left--that's me smiling.

[Cruel Smirk]

Of course, sometimes I do smirk.. and I suppose a few weaklings might have called it "cruel"-- look right and decide for yourself.

[Heh! smirk]

This is a smirk, too. It's what you see when I'm thinking "Heh." (Ignore the dialog in the previous pic; someone couldn't translate. That was an "Aha!", not a "Heh.")

[Evil grin]

To the right--that's my trademark "evil grin". You don't want to be around when I'm grinning like that, because I'm usually about to have fun--Saiyan style.

Below is my "I love it when a plan comes together!" look--last seen when two idiots let me line them up for simultaneous shots. (Sorry, little brother, but that was careless of you.)



That on the right is not an angry scowl; it is disgust and disappointment.

[Just Disgusted]

This is just plain disgust.

[Near Miss]

This is an angry scowl!

Piccolo had just missed taking my head off with that beam attack of his, and I was more than a trifle angry.

Oh yeah, when I'm angry--I don't just scowl. Sometimes I start yelling at people; I admit it, I'm not at my best when I do that. Brothers can be so infuriating!

[What the?]

What do you mean, everyone here doesn't have broadband?? I should break up this exhibit into multiple pages because of all the large pictures? Damn scouter; some busybody is always listening in and giving unwanted advice! Stupid thing makes me squint, too.

Oh, that's my "What in the HELL????" look, as if you didn't know.

So go to the next page for more of my charming self... Graphic violence somewhere ahead, but no sex--sorry to disappoint you. Heh.