Gallery: Dead Time, Hell

[Raditz & Goku, Deathblow]

And then we have the pictures from after my "little misunderstanding" through to that big knock-down drag-out with the Opawang, where I got better.. (Which you've probably read as Raditz's Return).

If you want to jump straight to the pictures from my return, go right ahead. I won't be offended... really.

Before Raditz's Return

[Raditz/Goku death shot]
[Death shot in color]

And there's that "little misunderstanding" again.

As drawn by Wendy...

...and by Mr. Bluebeard

[Raditz, with aura]

This one is from Cadmus' "Aura" series, but I looked much like this (minus the scouter) after that "little misunderstanding" with Kakarott.. before I got better.

An Editorial Comment from Raditz...

[Kami thinks Im Resting in Peace...]

(First, read the panels from right to left, this is manga).

[Raditz went to Hell]

Kami, I really hate to burst your bubble here, but being sent to Hell is NOT what I call "resting in peace"!

On to the pictures from my return...