Gallery: Future Present, Descent

[Raditz, smirking]

I think of this as the "now" section; it's really anything from after I "got better" through the events you know as Mythic Descent and afterward.

Again, if you just insist on jumping about, here's the pictures from after Mythic Descent.

[Sinhika] [Thumbnail:Negi]

Princess Sinhika (thumbnail), by Athena-chan.
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Negi, the one-eyed Saiyan warrior in Hell who ran into the goths Pomona and Melchior... It seems he has several fans over in Poland, including Mirveka, who drew this portrait.


Mirajin drew this color sketch of Princess Kadru, the Naga princess who drove Vegeta to distraction in the underworld.


And here's the young lady who introduced me to popcorn.. among other things--Maureen "Nezumi" O'Neil. I'm told she has a remarkable resemblance to Nene Romanova of MegaTokyo 2040, but that's another story and another person entirely.

[Thumbnail:Deputy] [Thumbnail:Mogris]

The Chaos demon known as Deputy.. Not one of my favorite people; trust me--he's not nearly as cute in person. Drawn by the lovely Takira. who is also my sister--in a different timeline. (thumbnail)

This portrait of an auburn-haired warrior woman and her Orlanthi companion from the Runequest III box cover bears a very strong resemblance to Mogris, Vegeta's other female companion in the underworld--at least, that's what Vegeta says. (thumbnail)

[Face-to-face with Deputy]

He dove at the demon, doubled his fists, and slammed the side of the demon's hideous jaws hard enough to snap the creature's head to one side...

--Chapter 17, Mythic Descent
Art by Maetel

[Deputy vs Raditz]

--Deputy again vomited out a fiery bolt of ki. Raditz blasted back; the two beams of ki met and splashed, a fierce battle of wills and power. Inch by inch, Raditz's beam smashed its way down the stream of contending ki, pushing the demon's fire back and back...

--Chapter 17, Mythic Descent
Art by TheEvil1.

On to the pictures from after Mythic Descent...