Gallery: Early Period

[Raditz smiling face]

This first lot is obviously from before my little.. misunderstanding with Kakarott, as I'm still wearing intact Saiyan armor and an old-style scouter... and then there's my baby pictures that someone with a deathwish decided to put on display.

You'll find more pictures of my charming former self in the Moods of Raditz special exhibit.

Baby Pictures

[Thumbnail: The baby pictures]
[Thumbnail: Bardock & baby Raditz after a long day]

No comment--these pictures were supposed to have been disintegrated with the rest of Vegetasai.

Trunks and Goten aren't the only Saiyan boys who thought that anything that moved was food...

[Thumbnail: What is it about young boys and bugs?]
[Thumbnail: Baby Raditz with snacks]

Unearthed by SabreBabe. All of the above are thumbnails.

[Thumbnail: Raditz's Mum]

Bloody Mary sent in her rendition of our mother Kinoko.

Early, but Adult

[Raditz full-length, fanart] [Thumbnail of Raditz full-length, fanart]
Cool! The first fanart of yours truly, sent by Contributed by Jessica Story. Thumbnail; the original is a full-pager. Just click on it.

[Thumbnail:Losing Air']

"A Saiyan warrior never gives up, brat--he does whatever it takes to win! You give up, you die. You fight, even when the odds are against you, you just might live to be a man!" The pressure on Raditz's chest increased... (thumbnail)

--from Van Vogt's Cat; art by Chelsee.

[Thumbnail:Goku says 'Go Away!']

And I quote: "My name is Son Goku--Get off my planet!" Things went downhill after that... *Sigh* Contributed by Athena-chan. (thumbnail)