Gallery: The Bishonen Wing

[Raditz, anxious]

Dedicated to all the ladies who like to see me with my shirt off...

[Speedo B&W]

*Ahem* Wendy seems to have caught me at a private--and barely legal--moment... (Another thumbnail, BTW).

[Full-color Speedo]

And then Vegetia got involved...

...I just have to avoid the beach. (Thumbnail)

[In the bath]

Ack! I'm not even safe in my bath!

Also by Vegetia. (Thumbnail)

[Thumbnail:In Civvies]

What is it with these young ladies who keep catching me with my shirt off? *Sigh* Bulma was right... Contributed by Athena-chan. (thumbnail)

[Thumbnail:Saiyans Are Better Looking]

And then there's Jiggler.. (who loaned this portrait out) I know she wants to take more than my shirt off! Heh. (Thumbnail)

[Thumbnail: Raditz in Leather]

Nice outfit.. looks like Sean's friends did a makeover on me. Heh. I warned you about Jiggler. (Thumbnail)

[Thumbnail: Raditz hunk]

SabreBabe takes a good look at me with my shirt on (Thumbnail).

[Thumbnail: Raditz holds up wall]

Dark Sephy thinks I hold up walls well... with a shirt on. Even a plain white t-shirt. (Thumbnail)

[Thumbnail: White-collar Raditz]

And Anka M likes me dressed for work.

[Thumbnail: Live-action Raditz?]

Vegetia speculates about how I'd look in the live-action movie... (Thumbnail)

[Thumbnail: Radi-chan with rose]

"...a picture of our beautiful love god, Radditz." -- RikoRyu

[Thumbnail: Raditz asleep]

At least I'm safe in my own bed... aren't I?
-- art by Vegetia. (Thumbnail)