Gallery: The Saiyajin

[Raditz smiling face]

In case you'd forgotten, Vegeta, Kakarott, Nappa and I weren't the only Saiyajin who ever lived. Here's some of the rest of them...

With your ego, Raditz, I'm amazed you admitted that.


!! Luki! What are you doing here?

Someone's got to correct your personal delusions. And that's Sergeant-Instructor Luki to you!

My.. personal delusions? Excuse me, but do you know who you're talking to??

[Young Raditz]

I know exactly who I'm talking to--I remember you when you were a green-as-grass punk with a big mouth and no clues, so don't give me attitude. I can still kick your ass around the block.

*Gulp* Yes, ma'am!

That's better. Shall we get on with this?

[Bardock Section] Bardock and his Team - My father and his team mates. If I ever find pictures of Kinoko and her team, they'll go here, too.
[Turles Section] Turles - My cousin Turles, who managed to survive on some alternate timeline... until he challenged Kakarott. On my timeline, he blew up with Vegetasai. Either way, he looked like Kakarott's evil twin, and acted like it, too.
[King Vegeta Section] King Vegeta and his Court - King Vegeta, alive and dead, Nappa, Commander Kale, and other members of the nobility.
[Other Saiyans] Other Saiyajin of Note - These are all either people I knew, or people that have been mentioned in various places. As far as I know, they're all dead in my timeline.

Art & Screenshot Credits

Diive Transforming, The Guard, Dead King Vegeta, Young Prince Vegeta in Battle, King Vegeta in Battle, King Vegeta on his Throne, Bardock's Team in Hell, Luki, and Young Raditz
are taken with permission from DB3K. Luki and Young Raditz have been altered from the originals.
Bardock, Bardock Closeup, Frieza on the Throne
are from Daizenshuu EX, used in accordance with VegettoEX's generous re-use policy.
Bardock's Team, Nappa with Hair
are taken with permission from The Bardock Shrine.
is the work of Rebecca the Hyper-Angel and was contributed by her.
Commander Kale
was contributed by Anzu and edited by me; I have no idea where he got it
Raditz's smiling face
is my own scan from the manga
Everything not otherwise credited
is my own screen capture from DVD, including all the Turles shots.